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FMWhatsApp IOS Whatsapp has become a great communication application and is equally popular everywhere. Nowadays, the demand for the FM Whatsapp IOS has been increasing drastically due to its amazing features.

The developer of the FM WhatsApp develops the IOS version of WhatsApp to cater to the IOS users equally to the android users. In this article there we will have a look at the features of the FM Whatsapp IOS.

FMWhatsApp IOS:

FMWhatsApp IOS

Features of FM WhatsApp IOS:

There are many features of FM WhatsApp IOS that make it better than the official Whatsapp.

Heavy Data:

With the official WhatsApp, there is a limit on sending images, videos, and data. Still, In FM Whatsapp IOS, you have considerable freedom to send files of up to 700MB, whereas, in the original version, the limit of file transfer is up to 16MB. Moreover, there is a limitation of posting the video, but in FM WhatsApp, you can post about 5 minutes long video.

Media Transfer and Sharing:

In FM WhatsApp IOS, there is a great feature to send more than 30 images at a time, video-documented files, and anything that of 700 MB. Whereas in the official WhatsApp, we have restrictions to share the media images of 30 images only. So if you want to get eradicate the FM WhatsApp limitations, then download the modified version and enjoy the impressive and user-friendly features of FM WhatsApp IOS.

You can send more messages in up to 500 more extensive group chats, but it allowed up to 250 people in the original version. Videos and Media can be sent about 1 GB, and the status character length of FM WhatsApp IOS also increased up to 250 characters. Whereas in the original apk descargar it is limited to 139 characters.


The privacy of the latest version of WhatsApp is much better and advanced than the original version of WhatsApp. In this version of WhatsApp, the many features become advanced, and more private can hide from other people. If you don’t want to let people know about your activity, hide them from your FM WhatsApp apk 2021.

Things that you can hide:

The option of last seen on WhatsApp Video call option for FM WhatsApp Bluetick option on messages the option of Audio Recording and Message typing With FM WhatsApp IOS we Can have ourself offline while using FM Whatsapp Select people who can call you A message without saving a number APK latest version FM WhatsApp made life somehow very easy, as you are busy and don’t have enough time to reply to anyone and don’t want to have all calls so you can choose the most important contacts who can call you.

Moreover, the grey tick of message delivery will remain grey if you had read the message that turns blue when you replied to someone. It’s a massive problem if you don’t want to reply to anyone, but unintentionally you have read their message, with blue ticks others knew that you had read the message.

The update Whatsapp 2021 eradicates this massive problem as well. This latest apk mod 2021 is more secured and great in terms of chat lock. You can secure your chats secured with a password feature.

Customized Theme:

You get bored with the green theme of the original WhatsApp; you want to have something new and updated in your FM WhatsApp don’t worry with this apk version you can customize the theme of your own choice. Yo WhatsApp has a theme store that regularly updates the same theme store also used in the FM Whatsapp to make it more impressive.

Regular Updation:

The FM WhatsApp is regularly updated with advanced features. Here on the website, the updated features are available within no time, you can update your FM WhatsApp anytime after a new update is made.

Deleted Data:

The most promising feature of this apk mod 2021 FM WhatsApp is that if someone deletes the Message, Status, or any File that they had sent you before, you can retrieve that deleted data. You can still have access to the deleted data. The deleted files become frustrating, and the sender is not ready to tell you about that, so with this advanced featured FM WhatsApp APK, you can have access to all those files easily.

Contact Information:

Another superb feature of this FMwhatsapp IOS download 2021 apk is that you can send messages to people without adding their contact information. Whereas in traditional WhatsApp, you can’t send messages to people without adding their number. From the sided dot, you can add the number and send the message to the relevant people.

Emoji Variations:

There is a great variety of emojis in this FM WhatsApp IOS, and you can choose the emoji of your own choice from Facebook, stock, and many more.


The backup of the chat history, files, and important data are super easy with FMWhatsApp IOS. From the settings, you can back up the chat easily and quickly. The data is super secured with this feature of the FM WhatsApp 2021.

Forward Message:

With this WhatsApp, whenever you send a forwarded message to anyone, there is text with it that is somehow not good if someone doesn’t want to let anyone know about that forwarded message. This option is also disabled in this WhatsApp mod.

How to download FM WhatsApp IOS?

FMWhatsApp IOS

To download FM WhatsApp on IOS is very straightforward as you need to allow the unknown resources first for downloading the FM WhatsApp. After allowing the resources to download the FM WhatsApp from the above link. Also, you need to check whether your phone has enough space for downloading. Once it’s done with downloading, you are free to use the FM WhatsApp IOS.


All the features of the FM WhatsApp ios have been explained in detail above. You can download your WhatsApp IOS and enjoy its features.

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