GM WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 2021 For Android

GM WhatsApp is a program that allows you to read and send all your Whatsapp instant messages on your PC, in an easy and quick way. It is completely compatible with all WhatsApp versions from 2.11.444 from May 2018 to the last beta from April 2019.

In this version, it has included the “Open in browser” function, so that you can read your Whatsapp conversations directly in the browser, without using the program.

GM WhatsApp:

GM WhatsApp

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Let’s discuss in detail how to download the GM WhatsApp 2021, what are the features of WhatsApp, and how it differentiates from the original Whatsapp.

How to install GM WhatsApp?

  • Download and install WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • After installing, enter the application menu and there look for the “Whatsapp Web” option.
  • Click on the WhatsApp logo and a QR code will appear, use this video to read it then copy the sequence of numbers that appears after copying the QR code.
  • In the WhatsApp web page, select “Enter key manually” and paste the copied number sequence.
  • A window will appear with the message “Key does not work”, double-click on it and click OK.
  • Click on the WhatsApp logo again, now you will see a QR code, use this video to read it then paste that key into GM WhatsApp main screen.
  • Congratulations, you have installed WhatsApp! to use just go to “GM WhatsApp Web” in your mobile browser.

Note: If at any time in the future WhatsApp has a new update, try installing it on your smartphone before entering the code again in the program.

How does this WhatsApp work?

Whatsapp has its own servers that communicate with the Whatsapp servers and then send all messages to your computer. All communication is done through HTTP and thus encrypted, so you do not have to worry about anything, also we can assure you that we will never save any data of our users, only information such as device type and Android version.

Is this WhatsApp safe?

WhatsApp has an automatic update system that will send you news about the app, but nothing more. To have greater peace of mind, it is possible to download another chat or messages application on your phone and use it instead of Whatsapp for all functions except calls. This way you will have the assurance that anything you send and receive on Whatsapp, will not leave your phone.

What can the latest version of GM WhatsApp do?

This WhatsApp allows you to read messages from all users, even those without profile pictures or blocked, also you can see when your friends were last online. In addition, you can add various contacts at a time.

How to add contacts with WhatsApp?

To add a contact, press the “+” button on the right of the screen and enter the phone number of your friend or group message. You can also search for phone numbers from Whatsapp web by clicking on “Contacts” and selecting “Search new contacts”.

Once you have read the message of your friend, or he/she has sent you something, his/her status will change to “Seen” meaning that they know that you have read their message.

It is also possible to delete conversations at any time, even those not yet seen by both parties!

How can I see my old messages?

To see your old messages, just double-click on the contact. This will open a window where you can read all recent conversations with that contact, including those in which you have not yet participated. It is also possible to delete these conversations at any time!

Can I send multiple images/videos?

Yes absolutely, now by pressing and holding a file you will be able to select several files at the same time.

How do I talk with voice messages?

Just press and hold the microphone button, record your voice message, and release. The audio file will appear as an attachment in your chat.

I can not install the latest version of WhatsApp, why?

Since March 2018 WhatsApp has blocked all methods that are used to install WhatsApp on a smartphone, this means that you have to install the original Whatsapp from the Play Store.

Why does WhatsApp not appear in my browser?

If you can not find “GMWhatsApp Web” in your browser it is possible that all servers are busy. Do not worry, wait a few minutes and try again!

How do I uninstall the messaging app?

To uninstall GMWhatsApp, just redo the installation process, you will find it on our website within your browser once WhatsApp is closed. Remember that when uninstalling you will lose all messages sent through this app.

I’m using a smartphone but I can not receive pictures, why?

If you are using CyanogenMod you must downgrade to the previous version as it does not support Whatsapp encryption.

How do I disable notifications of new messages?

To disable WhatsApp notifications for GMWhatsApp just uncheck “Enable Notifications” in the settings of the application.

Why do I have two WhatsApp applications?

When you install WhatsApp not only do you install a new Whatsapp but also an update for the original Whatsapp, this is to ensure that all future updates of Whatsapp can be installed automatically from our servers to ensure full compatibility with Whatsapp.

Do you save my contacts?

No, GMWhatsApp does not save your contacts. This is done for security reasons!

I lost my mobile and I have a new one. How can I restore my old messages?

Do you remember the password to decrypt Whatsapp storage on your old phone? If so, download the same version of WhatsApp as before, decrypt the same Whatsapp storage and copy your messages. If you do not remember the password, unfortunately, there is no way to recover these messages.

Can I use Chrome?

Currently, this WhatsApp can only be used via Firefox or Opera browsers!

Why does my cache increase when using GMWhatsApp?

WhatsApp requires more internet traffic than normal Whatsapp because it uses a proxy server that sends all videos and images that are sent in one piece instead of several times as WhatsApp usually does, this means that a video can take up to 4 MB but if Whatsapp sends it in pieces it will appear much smaller at each request.

As GMWhatsApp has a maximum size for videos sent through Whatsapp (12 MB according to Google Play Store), images bigger than this limit will have their size reduced, but the Whatsapp Proxy Server will send all pieces in a single request so that Whatsapp can reconstruct it correctly while saving space.

How do I answer a group chat with the app 2021 version?

To answer a group chat just click on “Answer” and all members of the group should be notified that you want to communicate with them.

Why does WhatsApp not close when I press the Home key?

WhatsApp is an overlay application, if you press the home button it stops Whatsapp normally, but since there is no WhatsApp running anymore, it will continue to run in the background. If you want to stop GMWhatsApp completely just open your task manager and close the Whatsapp process.

Why is it taking so long to download a file?

GMWhatsApp relies on a proxy server that sends all videos and images in only one piece, therefore it may take up to 4 times longer than normal WhatsApp depending on many factors such as type of mobile, connection speed, and internet traffic.

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