TM Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Download 2021

TM Whatsapp doesn’t support Apple’s iMessage platform (and vice versa), but the two services do share some similarities. You can’t receive messages from friends on both services at once, for instance, and you can only send messages to people using the same service.

What if you want to message someone who uses a different mobile messaging client (iOS/Android)?

Well, there’s a new service called tm WhatsApp that works as a bridge between your various messaging services. It basically lets you use more than one service to send and receive messages from all of your friends at once. 

TM Whatsapp

How this TM Whatsapp works?

You need a Google Voice account to use tm WhatsApp. You can activate two-factor authentication to make your Google account more secure.

Whatsapp Download the mobile app for either WhatsApp, Kik, or LINE on your phone. Enter your mobile number in the mobile app and go through their steps to sign up (including verifying the number via SMS). You will need to use a different username for each service.

Now you can sign up for a new account on tm WhatsApp. Go to the website and download one of their mobile apps (or desktop app if using a PC) in addition to your existing messaging client. You’ll also need to enter an e-mail address and a password.

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Once logged in, install the Google Voice extension for Chrome. You can also use Firefox or Safari. Enter your existing user name and password for Google Voice and go through their account linking process (it basically verifies the ownership of the username).

Now log in to tm WhatsApp latest version 2021 using your new credentials and you will see all three of your accounts available under Friends. You can choose which friends you want to send messages to on each service.

The app also lets you choose which mobile number you want to send photos from or get notifications from if you have multiple numbers associated with your account. You can switch between accounts by clicking Friends, then the account name in the upper-left corner of the page.

In this way, tm Whatsapp truly lets you chat with all of your friends across three different messaging services. You can also install the app on a PC browser to send messages from your desktop machine at work (but remember, it uses Google Voice for authorization).

Limitation for WhatsApp:

Unlike other multi-messaging apps like Trillian or Beejive, you can only choose one account for sending messages from. This is because tm WhatsApp uses your Google Voice number as a unique identifier between all of the services. It’s also still listed as an experimental app, so there could be bugs or other problems with it.

Even though it doesn’t work directly with Apple’s iMessage, you can still use tm WhatsApp to send messages from your iPhone app download. As long as the other person is using a supported messaging service (WhatsApp, Kik, or LINE), then it’s possible to message them.

You’ll need to install WhatsApp on both your Android and iOS devices in order for this to work. 

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