RC Yowhatsapp Apk (official) Download Latest Version 10.2

WhatsApp is the best communication application nowadays and has become the need of an hour. RC Yowhatsapp apk is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, but yet more featured than the original WhatsApp.

People are considering the importance of the RC WhatsApp and giving more importance to this particular application than any other app. There are numerous features in the RC WhatsApp that makes it better than the official WhatsApp. Let’s have a look at the ultimate features of the RC yowhatsapp apk.

RC Yowhatsapp Apk:

RC Yowhatsapp Apk

Features of the RC WhatsApp:

The RC Yowhatsapp APK is the fantastic version of the original WhatsApp and it is considered as updated and the latest version of WhatsApp.

Backup data:

In the RC WhatsApp apk, you are free to back up your data with privacy and security. The modified and latest version of the RC WhatsApp has a great antiban feature. It means your WhatsApp account will never get banned and you are free to use it.

RC Yowhatsapp Apk

There is a great feature of the limitation of contacts who can contact and call you. You can have a restriction regarding the contact who can contact you. However, this feature is not available in the official WhatsApp. New and updated languages are added in the modified version of WhatsApp. The UI interference can become dark in this version of the latest RC WhatsApp.

  • In the RC WhatsApp APK, the complete customization of the features is available.
  • Moreover, the status bar, navigation bar, and other features can be completely customized.
  • Your online status in the RC WhatsApp apk set permanently online but in the original WhatsApp, you cannot have this feature.
  • The RC WhatsApp apk gives us more control and privacy over files and media by protecting them with a secured password.
  • The official WhatsApp does not allow you to send the messages to the number that is not in your contact list but the modified version gives leverage to send the messages to anyone whether that person is in your contact list or not.
  • The updated version has different and unique fonts. That is not available with the traditional WhatsApp.
  • The video uploading size limit increased more than the official WhatsApp.
  • In the latest WhatsApp, you can privatize the functions of last seen, blue tick, single and double tick.
  • The developer of the RC yowhatsapp apk updated the app continuously so you can enjoy the new features instantly.

How to download the RC yowhatsapp apk:

  • RC WhatsApp apk is not available in the play store so you need to download it from the third-party virus-free website.
  • Allow the unknown resources from your device to allow the device for downloading third-party applications.
  • Download the RC WhatsApp apk from the above link.
  • Once the apk file of the RC WhatsApp has been downloaded to launch the application.
  • Register the number with your WhatsApp and you are ready to use and enjoy the ultimate features of the top-rated RC WhatsApp.


All the features and the related details of the RC yowhatsapp apk have been described in detail. You can download the virus-free RC Whatsapp APK on your android device and enjoy its more advanced features.

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