Giowhatsapp APK VLatest 8.40 – Download for Android

The goal of giowhatsapp is to provide a server implementation for the Whatsapp service. This messaging app uses Google Protocol Buffers over HTTPS/2 as the protocol implementation. The messaging app is best for use for different purposes including business and personal. 


Let’s discuss in detail how to download the giowhatsapp 2021, what are the features of WhatsApp, and how it differentiates from the original Whatsapp.

How to use the giowhatsapp?

Giowhatsapp server there is no configuration file, the default settings are fine for most cases.

What are the Issues in this messaging app?

If you happen to find any bugs or if you have suggestions for improvement, please open an issue on the GitHub project page.

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This is a Google Drive(TM) API-based Whatsapp client, currently, there are no other clients that work with giowhatsapp service. The goal of this project is to provide an open-source implementation for Whatsapp servers so they can be written in different languages.

Features of the giowhatsapp:

  • The project is still a work in progress, but it already supports the following features: Login to server with X-WSSE authentication
  • Manage chat messages (send/delete/forward)
  • Receive messages (both plain text and media)
  • Actual sending of messages should be supported soon I have successfully tested this implementation server running on Google App Engine, which you can find on the releases page.
  • The project is written in C++11, it depends on Boost for some functionalities and protobuf-c to generate .proto files from swagger definitions. In order to build the source code, you will need: – CMake 3.3+ – Boost 1.55.0+ (headers only, no external libraries are required)
  • Requirements to run and install the Whatsapp server:
  • A Google account
  • New accounts are subject to a review, which could take up to 24 hours) -Python module (tested with version 2.2, it **should** work with older versions)

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